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We work collaboratively with our clients and the communities they serve to enable positive change.

Our practice is focused on three service areas: Strategy, Facilitation, and Planning and Program Management

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Working in close collaboration with our clients, we identify core objectives and desired results, and develop a comprehensive, outcomes-based strategy to help them achieve their goals. 

Corrie is the consummate pro. She has a unique ability to develop big, strategic ideas and also get them implemented.... If I have a difficult problem that needs solving, Corrie is one of the first people I would call. And besides that, she has such a positive attitude - nothing is too challenging for her.
— Tom Scott, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A clear strategy is the North Star that guides your leadership, your staff, and your partners on the path to success. 

We help clients identify the outcomes they’re hoping to achieve, and develop a strategic roadmap to help them reach their goals—and know when they’re veering off course.


Lisa is pure positive energy. She swoops in, absorbs the culture and asks all the right questions to understand the vision, goals and needs of an organization. Then her intellect and instincts take over as she collaboratively develops a plan and builds a strong base of support to make it happen.
— Sherry Prowda, Forterra

Strategy engagements may include:

  • Outcome mapping
  • Landscaping & SWOT analysis
  • Program strategy and supporting architecture
  • Measurement framework
  • Governance structures
  • Budget modeling


Focused, hands-on sessions help teams crystallize strategic goals, align tactics, envision new programmatic elements, and secure stakeholder buy-in.

Corrie acted as the facilitator for [our] 2-day grantee convening...It was a tough crowd filled with jaded journalists, global media leaders, academics and others and Corrie used the right balance of rigor, humor, respect and leadership. She listened carefully and read the audience, adapting in the moment to address the needs of the group while keeping within the objectives of the meeting.
— Dan Green, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


When you bring people together for a meeting, you’re entering a contract. Your participants are giving you their time, attention, and brainpower. What will you give them in return? 

We’ve worked with clients like Cannes Lions, the United Nations Foundation, and the Burke Museum to craft dynamic sessions that deliver results.

Talk to us about…

Working with... the entire Uncommon team was a wonderful experience.
Their support and guidance during the pilot phase of a community engagement project meshed perfectly with our institutional needs.
— Brian Carter, The Burke Museum
  • Strategy workshops
  • Annual planning
  • Community engagement
  • Ideation and creation
  • Listening sessions
  • Board/partner retreats



We help clients create a blueprint for program leadership, with pragmatic tools and right-sized processes for day-to-day management.

Launching new programs requires bold vision, strong leadership, and unyielding attention to the operational details.

Whether we are serving as hands-on program managers, or providing client teams with the tools and tactics they need to manage effectively, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to bridge the gaps between ideas, action, and results.

I’ve worked with Corrie on two different projects that involved a huge number of stakeholders, complex limitations and very ambitious goals. Each time Corrie brought absolute clarity of vision, leadership and unrivaled communication skills to the table.

I can say with all conviction that those projects would not have moved the needle in the way they have if it hadn’t been for her relentlessness, her passion and intelligence.
— Senta Slingerland, Cannes Lions


In our client engagements, we have developed and implemented plans for…

  • Thought leadership
  • Traditional and social media
  • Stakeholder management
  • Internal communications & change management
  • Editorial & community engagement
  • Ongoing measurement and reporting
Lisa brings a deep and strong understanding of the community. Her broad network means she knows who the best contacts are for any given circumstance, and she creates important connections between and among people for true collective impact.
— Martha Choe, MCCHOE & Associates


We are proud to have collaborated with leaders who are shaping our world.


who we are


You can contact Corrie at

You can contact Corrie at



Corrie is the founder of Uncommon. Equally at home working with C-level executives, award-winning creative teams, world leaders, and community organizers, she brings more than 20 years of experience to the firm, with expertise in strategy development, program design and management, and facilitation.

Prior to starting Uncommon, Corrie served as the innovation lead for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Communications team. There, she led the development of the foundation’s digital channels, designed public engagement programs with partners including TED, Sundance, and the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, and launched the team’s venture fund for early-stage innovations in communications.

Lisa Howe Verhovek


Lisa Howe Verhovek is a community connector, bringing people together to create a shared vision and a roadmap to realizing it. From 2007 - 2012, she served as the community relations manager for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Lisa led the foundation’s civic efforts during the development of its new world headquarters and created the foundation’s first formal civic engagement program. Prior to this she was director of communications at Philanthropy Northwest, a professional organization for corporate social responsibility and philanthropic efforts in the six-state Northwest region.

You can contact Lisa at

You can contact Lisa at

You can contact Lisa at

You can contact Lisa at



Lisa serves as Senior Advisor with Uncommon. She combines her experience leading a pioneering global health organization with her journalism background to help improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Her specialty is coalition creation: guiding disparate stakeholders to align their expertise and skills toward more successful outcomes. She is a creative project manager, executive coach, and expert in strengthening board governance.

Lisa founded the Washington Global Health Alliance in 2007, the world's first regionally-focused global health alliance. She served as Executive Director for 10 years.  Prior to WGHA, she spent 25 years as a manager and producer in broadcast news. She is active on several boards and advisory committees.

You can contact Diane at

You can contact Diane at



Diane’s 30-year career as an executive director in regional civic, education and arts organizations provided her experience and skills to transform vision into action; inspire and manage Board and staff teams; lead strategic planning and decision making; and create cross-sector partnerships. At Seattle CityClub, she co-founded an innovative statewide network to bring fair and smart candidate debates to statewide college and university campuses. Diane spearheaded a $23 million capital campaign to build Bellevue Arts Museum and founded the Center for Liberal Arts at Bellevue College. She serves on the boards of local and national nonprofits supporting civic education and engagement. She is also co-author of a book on contemporary American craft.

You can contact Galen at

You can contact Galen at

Galen Brodie


Galen has 14 years of project management experience in diverse industries and has a natural aptitude for managing details and keeping projects on track. She enjoys improving processes and program-wide communication as well as cultivating positive client relationships. She loves spending time outdoors with her friends and family, traveling, reading, and exploring all of the great things the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Mara Child


Mara has more than fifteen years of professional experience working with domestic and international nonprofit organizations and multi-sectoral alliances. Prior to starting consulting work three years ago, Mara worked with various global health organizations and networks, both in the United States and also while living in Kenya and Zambia for six years. She is passionate about working on new or rapidly expanding initiatives, with a focus on creating strong foundations for effective governance, leadership and management to support organizational and individual learning.

You can contact Mara at

You can contact Mara at

You can contact Lara at

You can contact Lara at

Lara Sepúlveda


Lara is originally from Costa Rica and has been living in Seattle for ten years. She joined Uncommon Partners to be their first Community Manager to support the Gates Foundation Alumni Network. Prior to this new role, she worked as a consultant for the Seattle Region Partnership at the Seattle Foundation. She also spent three years working at CBRE, the commercial real estate services firm operating in over 100+ countries, and prior to that three years working for the Seattle International Foundation. Lara has spent time working with organizations in Guatemala and Argentina. Here in Seattle, she’s a board member of the Young Professionals International Network, and recently joined the Lean In Latinas in Seattle Circle as their Head of Outreach. In her free time, Lara enjoys spending time outside with her golden retriever Beau, finding new taco recipes, and playing co-ed soccer.

You can contact Gina at

You can contact Gina at

Gina Carter


Gina is from Austin, TX and moved to Seattle in 2018. She joined Uncommon Partners as a Project Coordinator assisting on a variety of Uncommon’s projects. Prior to this new role, she worked in informal K-12 education creating access opportunities in science as well as coordinating strategic partnerships between K-12 education community organizations. She is also a trained educator who loves facilitating science education professional development workshops. In her free time, Gina loves trying all the coffee shops in the city, playing with her corgi, and searching for the best queso in Seattle.

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Lindstrom

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Lindstrom

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