Working in close collaboration with the client, we identify core objectives and desired results, and develop a comprehensive, outcomes-based strategy to help them achieve their goals. 

Corrie is the consummate pro. She has a unique ability to develop big, strategic ideas and also get them implemented.

Corrie can see the big picture and connect dots, bringing different groups and ideas together to form a much better outcome.

If I have a difficult problem that needs solving, Corrie is one of the first people I would call. And besides that, she has such a positive attitude - nothing is too challenging for her.
— Tom Scott Director, Global Brand & Innovation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A clear strategy is the North Star that guides your leadership, your staff, and your partners on the path to success. 

We help clients identify the outcomes they’re hoping to achieve, and develop a strategic roadmap to help them reach their goals—or know when they’re veering off course.


Strategy engagements may include:

  • Outcomes mapping
  • Landscaping & SWOT analysis
  • Program strategy and supporting architecture
  • Measurement framework
  • Governance structures
  • Budget modeling