Diane Douglas  

Senior Advisor  

Diane is able to see the trajectory and through-line that weaves itself between organizational vision, challenges, fundraising and execution in governance operations and programming. She spent 12 years as the executive director of Seattle CityClub, where she co-founded the Washington State Debate Coalition, an innovative network bringing fair and smart candidate debates to statewide college and university campuses. From 1991 – 2001 Diane served as director and chief curator of Bellevue Arts Museum, spearheading a $23 million capital campaign to fund a dedicated museum building. She also founded Bellevue College’s Center for Liberal Arts.

In her role as Senior Advisor at Uncommon, Diane works with foundations and funder networks, increasing the effectiveness and fun-factor of their teams. She builds trust by helping people get to know one another better, and is able to bring out the wisdom, knowledge, and expertise of individuals working collaboratively. Diane loves the dedication she sees amongst the many people who want to serve their local and regional communities by rolling up their sleeves and working across sectors.

Fascinated by people, history, art and culture, Diane’s career began at the Library of Congress as a member of a small team of oral historians interviewing, editing and researching the stories of former members of Congress who held office from 1945-1975, a time of massive change in America. She worked to record their tone, language, intentions and dreams as government decision-makers.

On any given Sunday you will find Diane reading the New York Times, taking hikes, going to art museums, cooking dinner with friends or writing (she has been a poet and writer all her life). She is currently working on a body of short stories.


The Real Diane 

Hidden talent:  Card shark.  

Easily swayed by:  People’s stories and personal histories. 

Favorite guilty pleasure:  Eating a whole pint of ice cream. 

Travel essential: List of arts events in the community I am going to. 

Life motto or quote that really resonates with you:  Don’t sweat the small stuff and as you get older almost everything is small stuff. 

Beach, mountain, or city? City