Galen Brodie 


Galen is an organizational powerhouse. A master at keeping many parts moving smoothly at the same time while also making sure everyone knows what they need to know at just the right time, she steers our client projects from point A to point B.

Arriving to Uncommon from MacDonald Boyd and Associates, Galen’s background includes facilitating and administrating projects and programs ranging from financial services and contracts administration to organizational development in public, private and government sectors. She has worked with organizations large and small, and the diversity of her experience helps both Uncommon and our clients improve processes and manage the myriad of details that come with doing engaging and evolutionary work.

Galen has always been interested in how organizations operate, and has both a BS and an MBA in business administration. She connects the dots between her career now and her 20 years of playing soccer as a captain and center mid-fielder, where she controlled the pace of the game (playmaker) and was connected to all of the players on the team. She now realizes this was project management in action! She loves working at Uncommon because she can see how the work we do supports the mission-driven work of our clients, giving purpose and meaning to her professional life.

When she is not wrangling details and making things run smoothly for Uncommon and our clients, you can find her cooking, enjoying grocery shopping without her small children, being active outdoors, spending time with her family, and occasionally squeezing in a Sunday nap.


The REAL Galen 

Hidden talent: I can recall the most insignificant details about almost anything on demand. 

Easily swayed by: My kids buttering me up. 

Favorite guilty pleasure: Watching a chick-flick or show by myself while my kids nap and my husband is “cleaning the garage” on the weekends.  

Travel essential: Snacks, more snacks, and a good book. I also can’t go anywhere without Chapstick, gum, and water. 

Life motto or quote that really resonates with you: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” 

Beach, mountain, or city? Mountains!