We hold the light, you lead they way.

 We believe great ideas already exist within your organization.


We join forces with our clients and the communities they serve to drive positive change.


1. Start with Goals

We help define concrete goals by spending time understanding the culture and history of your organization, clarifying strengths and challenges, unearthing and exploring potential ideas, and asking thought-provoking, challenging questions.


2. Build the team   

We are true collaborators with our clients and believe in the power of diverse voices around the table.


3. Design solutions that fit 

We take the elements of your project and synthesize these into a draft plan that reflects the parameters of your budget, timeline, and staff capacity.


4. Iterate and simplify

We engage you in an iterative process during which we make the plan stronger, clearer, actionable, and realistic.


5. Finish looking forward 

Throughout our time together, we strengthen your organization’s capacity so you can build upon the work we have done as you grow and evolve.


Featured Projects

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 Our clients say…

I go to them to spark new ideas. They know how to set strategy but they bring a calmness to the work because they know how to get stuff done.
— Andrea Voytko, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
They are really able to be human about the work above all and that is a huge factor in moving the project forward because of how they stay engaged with you and help you respond to what is actually happening.
— Alaina Fuld, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
Uncommon brought a degree of professionalism and thinking that our program staff didn’t necessarily have. With their help we have been able to cover things that we wouldn’t have known to think of, or that they are just better at than we are. Essentially, they have complemented our expertise, and strengthened it.
— Rachel Jagoda Brunette, The Lemelson Foundation