Lara Sepúlveda

Community Manager

Originally from Costa Rica, Lara had been living in Seattle for 10 years before joining Uncommon as our first Community Manager in support of the Gates Foundation Alumni Network. An organized and detail-driven strategist and fluent in 5 languages, she has a gift for cross-cultural communication, helping people form connections, drive engagement and implement programming.

Prior to Uncommon, Lara worked at the Seattle Foundation as a consultant for the Seattle Region Partnership; as a business analyst and planner with CBRE, a commercial real estate services firm operating in over 100+ countries; and for the Seattle International Foundation doing programming and research work for their Central America Program.

A passionate advocate for inclusivity, gender equality, diversity and cultural representation in all its forms, she was recently elected Vice President of the Board for the Young Professionals International Network and is the Head of Outreach for Lean In Latinas in Seattle. She embodies what it means to be an advocate while being mindful and respectful of various cultures, perspectives, and beliefs.

When she is not working for Uncommon, volunteering, or analyzing how women are represented in media, she can be found playing co-ed soccer, eating all forms of tacos, or hiking with her partner and their dog, Beau.

The REAL Lara 

Hidden talent: Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, English. Went to Italy with her family and toggled back and forth between French, Italian, and Spanish.

Easily swayed by:  Puppies. 

Favorite guilty pleasure:  Chocolate in any form.  

Travel essential:  A wool shawl from Argentina.  Keeps her warm on planes.  Knows she will be cold somewhere. It has been a life saver. 

Life motto or quote that really resonates with you:  Go with the flow. 

Beach, mountain, or city?  Beach.