Lisa Cohen

Senior Advisor

Lisa combines her experience leading a pioneering global health organization with her journalism background to help organizations and leaders be more effective and efficient. She spent the first half of her career as a broadcast journalist covering stories ranging from U.S. elections and the WTO protests in Seattle, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts in Africa. In 2007, Lisa founded the Washington Global Health Alliance, the world's first regionally-focused global health alliance, serving as its executive director for 10 years before joining the Uncommon team.

A gifted recruiter, strategist and facilitator, Lisa’s specialty is creating connections. She helps organizations determine what their talent needs are and uses creative approaches to ensure candidates fill gaps and are the right cultural fit. As a facilitator, she creates spaces for listening that draw out quieter voices as she guides stakeholders to align their expertise and skills toward more commonality and measurable next steps. She is a gifted project manager, executive coach, and expert in strengthening board governance.

Lisa serves on the boards of Geneva Foundation, Global to Local, and Resource Media, as well as numerous civic advisory committees.

When she’s off the grid, Lisa spends her time training for long-distance endurance horse riding in the mountains and foothills of Puget Sound, mentoring other women in global health and civic spaces, reading, and throwing mashup dinner parties for people who don’t know each other.

The Real Lisa 

Hidden talent:  I can put together a dinner party in a couple of hours. 

Easily swayed by:  Other peoples’ enthusiasm. 

Favorite guilty pleasure:  Dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s. 

Travel essentials:  A backpack,  those little bags that compact clothes, and sadly, Bonine. 

Life motto or quote that really resonates with you: I feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

Beach, mountain, or city? Mountains--no brainer.