We hold the light, you lead they way.

We help you navigate ambiguity.


Our world and work have become increasingly complex, and the way we work reflects this.    

We take special care to get to know each of our client organization’s unique culture, goals and priorities, and the landscape in which it operates. Our extensive experience working across organizations and sectors enables us to pinpoint the core strategic challenges at hand, pose the big questions that need answering, and surface the ideas that can drive the work forward.


Our services


Network Building

Tackling complex challenges requires bringing together people with varied expertise, viewpoints, and experiences around a common goal.

Whether you are an established organization or a group of individuals interested in pursuing a new idea, we gather the right partners to create a road map and processes to help you achieve your goal. 

We have created and supported... 

  • Alumni networks  

  • Environmental coalitions 

  • Funder networks 

  • Global health alliances 

Strategy & Planning

A clear strategy guides your leadership, your staff, and your partners on the path to success. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we identify core objectives and desired results, and develop a comprehensive, outcomes-based strategy to help them achieve their goals.

 Strategic components may include... 

  • Analysis and assessment: landscaping, stakeholder interviews, and SWOT analysis

  • Strategic plan: high-level goals, strategies, and tactics

  • Measurement and evaluation frameworks


When you bring people together, you’re entering a contract. Your participants are giving you their time, attention, and brainpower. What will you give them in return?  

Our focused, hands-on sessions help teams crystallize strategic goals, align tactics, envision new programmatic elements, and secure stakeholder buy-in.  

Come to us for support to facilitate your... 

  • Strategic planning workshops 

  • Board of director retreats 

  • Stakeholder interviews and focus groups 

  • Grantee, partner, and community engagement

Strengthening Organizational Capacity

Healthy organizations are dynamic. Leadership changes, teams evolve, and priorities shift. It’s critical to have a strong organizational backbone to ensure goals can be achieved.

Our team has deep expertise in building organizations, and strengthening teams and structures. We have a suite of skills to help you navigate this process in a positive and constructive way.

Come to us for... 

  • Organizational transitions

  • Team Design

  • Board development 

  • Leadership recruitment 

Program Design & Management

Launching new programs requires bold vision, strong leadership, and unyielding attention to the operational details. Whether we are serving as hands-on program managers or providing client teams with the tools and tactics they need to manage effectively, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to bridge the gaps between ideas, action, and results. 

We work with our clients to create blueprints for program leadership, with pragmatic tools and right-sized processes for day-to-day management. 

Come to us for... 

  • Staff and stakeholder engagement 

  • Internal and external communications 

  • Alignment of goals with processes, organizational capacity, and budget considerations  

  • Ongoing measurement and reporting 

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