We hold the light, you lead they way.

There are generally two kinds of people: the big picture people and the roll-up-your-sleeves doers.

We are both. 


We are trusted partners, dot connectors, and co-creators on the journey from where you are now to where you want to go. We excel at surfacing the wisdom already present in your organization and creating the structure and momentum you need to drive your vision forward.


Our Team


Galen Brodie

Program Manager


Lisa Cohen

Senior Advisor

Gina Carter

Project Coordinator


Corrie Frasier

Founder & CEO

Mara Child

Program Manager


Lara Sepúlveda

Community Manager

Diane Douglas

Senior Advisor


Lisa Howe Verhovek

Senior Advisor

Dog_Beau_Director of Social Media.JPG


Director of Social Media

Dog_Maya_Director of Morale.jpg


Director of Morale

Dog_Phoebe_Director of Food Services.jpg


Director of Food Services

Dog_Papi_Director of Human Resources.jpg


Director of Human Resources



Director of Security


Interested in working for us?


We are always excited to connect with people who share our passion for this work. If you have expertise in the areas of network design, facilitation, strategic planning, philanthropy, and NGOs, we’re interested to learn more about your work and how we might collaborate.

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