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Featured Project:

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A Blueprint for Building a Global Health Alliance


The Goal:

Create a “blueprint” report to inform and guide global health leaders, within and outside the United States, through an assessment of whether a global health alliance would serve to strengthen their work, and that offers practical steps about the process of establishing a regional global health alliance.


The Work:

As the Washington Global Health Alliance approached its 10th anniversary, it had the opportunity through the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to reflect on its journey, documenting and sharing some of its strategies, stories, and lessons learned. Uncommon worked closely with WGHA's staff, board, and key supporters to turn the organization's story into a guide that reflects the complexity of alliance formation, while also offering useful tactical information.

 Activities and deliverables included:

  • Strategy and design sessions to map out goals and activities

  • Research and interviews to inform WGHA's story

  • Facilitated two national convenings of global health leaders whose input informed the report

  • Writing and editing, Blueprint for Building a Global Health Alliance: Lessons Learned from Washington State

The Results:

Since the publication of the report and two convenings, global health alliances has been established in Atlanta, the California Bay Area, and Australia. The report continues to be accessible on WGHA’s website, making it available to anyone wishing to build an alliance, or learn about alliance building in general.